How to get exactly what you want from your air conditioner installer.

[Unsure of how something will affect your air con? Simply take a photo and send it to us.]


Thinking about getting a new air conditioner?

Then Acer Services would like to tell you the best way to get precisely what you want from your air con installer…

when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.

The secret, according to Acer Services’ owner, Jay Matsen, is to take ownership of the project right from the word go.

“A lot of people leave it to the very last moment to get involved in the decision,” Jay said.

“Buying a new air conditioner is a fairly major purchase,” he points out, “and yet many people don’t communicate what they want until way too late…after the job has been quoted and we’re almost ready to start.”

“We don’t mind customers being ‘control freaks’ at all, and the more questions we get asked – especially early on in the quoting process – the better. Questions such as:

“What are my options?”

“Why is this the right size air conditioner for our needs?”

“Why is it best if it goes here? Why can’t it be installed there?”

“Why might it cost more to install the outside unit here?”

“How long will the installation take?”

And perhaps the most crucial question of all…

“What is and isn’t included in your air con quote?”

This is important because if you decide to “move the goal posts” at the 11th hour, it may lead to added expense and a great deal more stress. It may even delay the installation as we reschedule jobs, order new material, etc.

Understand how things will affect your air con quote.

Acer Services pride ourselves on providing the most affordable air conditioning possible.  To do this, naturally we need to know precisely what’s involved.

If anything changes, obviously it could incur greater cost. For example, we may need to have two installers working on the job instead of the one originally quoted.

“It’s perfectly OK to say you don’t understand,” says Jay. “And there are definitely no silly questions.”

“If you’re unsure about anything, just ask. Plus, if you don’t know how to phrase your question, remember that a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

“For example, if you’ve got a query about orientation of a door or window and how it will affect your air conditioner’s performance, draw a sketch or diagram, or take a photo on your smart phone and email it to [email protected] “.

“You can even use our special Buyers Pre-Quote Checklist to upload house plans, photos and the like and send them straight to us.”

For further information, speak to the team at Acer Services today. Call 1300 165 663 or simply click here to contact us.