It’s Winter…the perfect time to get the Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide!

Avoid the Summer rush! Find out everything you need to know about air con while the heat’s off.

Brisbane winter - the perfect time to buy air con

Last Summer, Acer Services looked after the air conditioning needs of around 2,000 customers.

So as you can imagine, it can get a tad busy in the summer months. Winter is a different matter of course. Even though reverse cycle air conditioning is the ideal way to actually heat your home in winter, air con companies are nowhere near as busy. Which is good news for you, because you couldn’t find a better time to read up on A/C by downloading our fact-packed Buyer’s Guide.

Don’t buy air conditioning till you’ve read this Guide.

The culmination of decades of experience in the electrical business, what this Special Buyer’s Guide doesn’t tell you about a home air conditioner isn’t worth knowing.

It will only take you a few minutes to skim through, but you’re sure to find all the information about air conditioners and air con systems that you’re looking for.

In this comprehensive air con guide, exclusive to Acer Services, you will:

  • Find answers to the most asked questions about air conditioning
  • Learn how to choose the right air conditioner for your home
  • Discover the differences – PLUS the pros and cons – of Split Systems and Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Read how to calculate the size of system you’ll need
  • Learn why it’s crucial not to base your decision purely on price
  • Find out how zoning your air conditioning can save $$$
  • Uncover other ways to increase efficiency and reduce running costs
  • And much more!

Download it now, simply by completing our form.

NB. Why wait till Summer to buy air conditioning? Talk to Acer today!

So many people wait till the first stinking hot day of summer before calling us about their new air con system, and our phones are literally running hot.

However if you call us now, we can cooly and calmly come to your home at a time that suits you and take the time to make sure your new air con will exactly suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

We believe you’ll find everything you need to know about air conditioners in the Buyers Guide, but if there is anything we’ve overlooked, or you need advice, please call us on 1300 165 663.

Enjoy the Guide.

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