Home Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Imagine having pure cool air silently flowing into every room of your house or apartment, or simply those you select.

Home ducted air conditioning provides climate controlled comfort throughout, regardless of its size.

The condensing unit is unobtrusively located outside the home, while the indoor unit is placed in the ceiling or under the floor.

And the best thing is you only need ONE condensing unit for the entire house, as opposed to say, 4 for four split system air conditioners.

From there conduits or ducts distribute filtered, dehumidified air through vents located in the ceilings, walls and floors in chosen areas throughout the house.

Home ducted air con systems are always designed as reverse cycle systems too, so they can provide year round relief from the chills of winter and the blazing summer heat.

A ducted air conditioner or split system air con?

If you’re wondering whether to choose a ducted air conditioning system or a split system, it all comes down to:

  • the size of your home
  • the number in your household
  • your lifestyle
  • personal preferences
  • how you use your home.

A single person may be better off with a few split system units in their most used rooms eg. lounge room, bedroom and office (or games room), while a family of five could get more use from a ducted system.

If you have a spacious family home, or open-plan apartment, ducted air conditioning is a terrific way to cool or heat a large area. (As opposed to just one split system A/C at the end of an oversized room).

Ducted air con allows you to direct the air to wherever you and your family are.

That’s because ducted air-conditioning is that it lets you divide your home into zones, so you can choose which rooms are cooled and which ones don’t need to be.

For example, you may wish to cool your living areas or home/office by day and your bedrooms at night.

For more information about zoning your ducted air conditioning, download our Free Buyer’s Guide.

Ducted air con gives you more ways to keep cool.

There are numerous configurations with ducted air conditioning.

As we said, you can even select different temperatures for different zones, but here’s a tip… don’t overcomplicate things.

The beauty of ducted air is that it’s such a simple system, one that makes it easy to just turn on and enjoy the incomparable comfort.

As well as being convenient and more environmentally friendly, zonal cooling is more cost-efficient too.

That is probably why many businesses opt for commercial ducted air-conditioning systems.

If you need assistance choosing the best home ducted air conditioning for your place, simply contact us today or call us now on 1300 165 663.

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