Split Air Conditioning Systems

Quiet, compact and extremely cost-efficient

As their   name implies, split air conditioning systems (also known as wall split systems) are literally units split into two separate sections. They incorporate an indoor fan coil unit – be it mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling – together with an outdoor condensing unit that is connected to it by electrical cables and refrigerant pipes.

Modern air conditioner split systems are very compact, quiet and can be located away from the indoor unit if necessary.
Split Air Conditioning systems are ideal for cooling a single room or small area, and as such are very cost efficient.

They are even more economical if you opt for a split system with an inverter.

Rather than operate on a stop/start basis, an inverter provides a steady controlled operation without drastic fluctuations.

Most feature remote control and all modern wall split systems are also available as reverse cycle systems so your home can be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Now is the perfect time to look into a split air conditioning system. Contact us today – we’ll be only too happy to help.

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