Why a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is better than gas and oil heaters.

In a previous article – Air Conditioner Heating Mode Vs Electric Heater – Acer Services proved that reverse cycle air con was better than an electric heater.

Air con uses 1/3 less power than an electric bar heater

In case you missed it, to recap, a reverse cycle air conditioner was far superior to an electric bar heater in terms of:

Energy saving (air con was proven to be up to 1/3 cheaper to run!)

Not overheating the room, thus saving even more power

Providing more evenly spread warmth, instead of heat concentrated around the electric heater itself

Safety – no one ever burnt themselves on an A/C unit

Greater controllability with features such as thermostats, timers and sleep mode.

Versatility, given that electric heaters are only heaters, while air conditioners cool as well.

This time around, we look at how a reverse cycle air conditioner stacks up against other forms of heating, namely gas heaters and oil heaters.

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Reverse Cycle Air Con Vs Gas Heaters

Air con uses less power than a gas heater

Once again, air conditioning has it all over gas heaters.

Don’t take our word for it, this report from ABC News categorically proves that “consumers can save money by making the switch from gas heating to using reverse cycle air conditioners.” 

In fact, the author of the report himself claimed that he cut his own heating costs by 70% by switching to air conditioners…and he is from chilly Melbourne, so the savings would have been substantial!

As with electric heaters, air con is around 3-4 times more efficient – and therefore cheaper –than gas. For example, 1kW of gas burnt = 1kW of heat (slightly less actually, but let’s round it up).

For air conditioning on the other hand, 1kW of electricity = 3-4kW of heat. Do the maths!

Little wonder gas consumption in Australia is falling and the use of air conditioning continues to rise year after year.

Split System Air Conditioners Vs Oil Heaters

air con uses less power than an oil heater

Oil heaters run on electricity, so once again it’s going to be a similar story to the bar heater, but not quite.

Oil heaters – also known as oil-filled radiators – use less energy than a bar heater and if you’ve ever used one, you’ll know why.

They are notoriously slow to heat and not good for heating large spaces.

They are generally more expensive to purchase too compared to a bar heater, so if you’re going to spend any sort of money on an oil-filled heater, we strongly suggest you reconsider and invest in a split system air conditioner instead.

With reverse cycle air conditioner prices starting from $1200 fully installed, why would you waste your hard-earned on an inferior heating system.

On top of that, you won’t have to pack it away when the warmer weather reappears… in fact, you will no doubt get more use out of your air con in summer than winter.

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