Learn how to save money on your energy bills

Discover the “do’s and don’ts” of using your air conditioner

We all love keeping cool in Summer and warm in Winter… but the downside to switching on your air con is definitely paying for the running costs when the power bill arrives.

To help you enjoy all the benefits of using your air con AND keep your energy costs low, the experts at Acer Services have put together this handy Do’s and Don’ts fact sheet for saving money on air conditioning.

Just some of these valuable tips include:


  • Cover the outside unit from the direct sun
  • Turn off other sources of heat (e.g. computers, lamps)
  • Limit the space you’re cooling/heating


  • Cool the room to less than 8 degrees of the outdoor temp
  • Crowd the inside unit
  • Interfere with sensors and thermostats

To slice $$$ off your next power bill, download your copy of the Do’s and Don’ts fact sheet by filling out the form on this page.

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