Air Conditioning Floor Consoles

Slim, lightweight floor consoles are so easy to install

The best aspect of an air-conditioning floor console is its easy installation.

You can place the console flush against a wall, or conceal it in a recessed or semi-recessed space.

It even fits under a standard window so it doesn’t take up too much space.
With their slim, lightweight design, contemporary floor consoles can also be mounted on the ceiling if floor space is limited…with no modifications necessary.

The consoles can be configured to produce an airflow from either the top or the bottom, or a combination of both.

Many have wide-angle louvres and auto-swing capability to efficiently distribute cool air right across the whole room or area.

Ideal for home or office, they are available with full inverter control that can reduce operating costs by up to 30%.

Contact us today on 1300 165 663 to find out exactly how quickly and easily Acer Services can have your air-con floor console up and running.

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