Thinking about a Haier Air Conditioner? Great choice.

Haier Air Conditioner

Haven’t heard of a Haier Air Conditioner? Don’t worry, you will.

This domestic air conditioner brand is new to Australia, however its reputation precedes it; Haier is one of, if not THE world’s biggest selling brands.

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In fact, a Haier Air Conditioner was a former Acer Services’ Brisbane Home Show Special.

The reason for its popularity is a combination of contemporary styling matched with advanced features.

Take Haier’s very popular split type, wall-mounted air conditioner.

This superbly styled range of air conditioners come complete with a host of features designed to fit your lifestyle.

All of Haier’s eco-friendly series air conditioners feature:

  • 4-star Energy Saving
  • Turbo Cooling
  • Auto Restart
  • Photocatalyst Filter, and
  • Bacterial Killing Filter (which offers anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria protection to keep the air in your room clean and healthy).

Some Haier models also feature Power/Soft mode.

When this button is pressed, the indoor unit will produce air flow higher than the standard high speed fan, thus cooling the room faster and more efficiently.

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