Hitachi Air Conditioner range

Hitachi Air Conditioner range

The name Hitachi is synonymous with quality home appliances, particularly power tools, audio and visual equipment, and of course who hasn’t heard of a Hitachi air conditioner.

For more than four decades, Hitachi have designed and manufactured some of the most reliable and efficient air conditioners on the Australian market.

And every air conditioner in their range has been designed to more than meet the demands of Australia’s toughest weather extremes.

The Hitachi range include:

Variable Refrigerant Flow Multi-Split Systems –

offering simultaneous heating and cooling, providing flexible comfort control.

Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners –

highly efficient reverse cycle systems for a single room or whole house.

MultiZone/ Multi-Head Split Systems –

quiet and highly efficient reverse cycle air con featuring one outdoor unit for up to 4 indoor units.

Wall mounted Split Room Air Conditioners –

boasting smoother, quieter operation.

Acer Services have been selling, servicing and repairing Hitachi air conditioners for years and we know just how consistently high the quality is thanks to technological breakthroughs – they were early developers of Inverters and Scroll Compressors – and their outstanding service.

Furthermore, every Hitachi air conditioner is backed by a full 5-year parts and labour warranty.

So if you’re looking for a small, wall-mounted split system for a bedroom or a multizone system for your entire home, apartment or office, talk to Acer Services about your new Hitachi Air Conditioner today. Call 3823 3577 or simply click here to contact us.

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