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Hyundai air con

If you have a popular Hyundai Air Conditioner and you are looking for spare parts, you’ll know how hard these spares can be to come by.

However, all may not be lost.

Acer Services are the Hyundai Air Con specialists and we may be able to trace rare spare parts for your particular Hyundai model…

in fact, if anyone can, Acer can!

We also offer a complete Hyundai air conditioning repair service…if your air con can be fixed, our highly trained technicians will fix it, professionally, quickly and at a fair and reasonable price.

They don’t call us the affordable air conditioning company for nothing.

On top of that, we also offer you expert advice and assistance, so if you have any question about your Hyundai air conditioner, call the team at Acer Services now on 1300 165 663 or simply complete the “Make a quick Enquiry” form and we will get straight back to you.