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Let’s face it, air conditioners don’t come cheap, so they should not be taken for granted.

There’s nothing worse than turning on the air con on a 40 degree day in Summer only for it to not work because it hasn’t been cleaned and maintained during the year.

The more you can do to prolong their lives and make them run more efficiently, the better.

That’s where Acer Services excel. We can take care of all your air con servicing, either on a one-off basis or regular scheduled servicing via our preventative Air Conditioning Servicing Program (available for both domestic and commercial air conditioning customers.)

Sure it may cost a little to take advantage of our servicing offer, but in fact it could save you money in the long run.

To give you an idea of the scope of servicing work we complete, the following is a breakdown of our Standard Split System Servicing.

Minor Service

  • Check with you on arrival if there are any concerns about your unit(s)
  • Clean filter
  • Carry out visual inspection of indoor and outdoor wiring connection (where possible)
  • Carry out visual inspection of accessible pipe connections (where possible)
  • External cleaning of indoor unit
  • Check drain
  • Test run air conditioner on cooling and heating if able to
  • Report on the condition of your unit(s) and if there are any fault or issues
  • Discuss with you any further work that may be required (quote to follow)

If during a Minor Service we find evidence of mould, we can carry out a Major Internal Clean to properly take care of any issues and keep your unit(s) in top condition. We will always provide you with a quote before conducting a Major Internal Clean and can return at a later date if required.

Major Internal Clean

  • Remove front cover
  • Dismantle unit – drain, blower wheel etc
  • Chemically clean all components
  • Reassemble unit
  • Replace front cover
  • Test run unit

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