No fooling with smoke detectors

Smoke Detector Install

As part of an initiative by Australian Fire Services, April 1 has been deemed “Smoke Detector Check” Day.

It is ironic that April Fool’s Day has been chosen for such a serious subject.

Every year over 50 Australian families lose a loved one as a result of a house fire (in 2010 there were 14,000 house fires and 65 fatalities), many of which could have been avoided with a smoke alarm in good working order.

Sadly most of these deaths occur at night, between the hours of 9pm and 6am when the family is fast asleep.

Their sense of smell is fast asleep too – in a deep sleep, even the strongest smells don’t register.

Fortunately one’s hearing faculties do NOT shut down, which is why smoke detectors are such a vital early warning system.

They wake people and give them sufficient time to safely evacuate.

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You’ll sleep more soundly with something noisy in the house.

Acer Services congratulate Australian Fire Services on their “Smoke Detector Check” initiative, however we are concerned with safety each and every day of the year.

That is why we recommend ‘hard wired’ smoke alarms, installed by one of our licensed electricians directly into your 240 volt power.

Even though hard wired detectors still require batteries for backup – and still need to be checked annually to ensure they are working – they are a much more reliable option than battery-only models (of which photoelectric types are the only ones we and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommend).

As part of our service we will install the correct number of smoke detectors in your home, in the best possible areas and maintain them in strict accordance with Queensland Government Legislation.

Remember, the difference is in the detail in regard to your family’s safety.

For more information about smoke detectors or any of our Brisbane electrical services, please click here to speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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