Learn which type of air conditioning system is best for your school

Get insider tips and advice on how to get the maximum life from each unit

Air conditioned classrooms have just about become a necessity in Australia to keep teachers and students cool, comfortable and focused. But no two schools are the same…and there’s no simple formula to use when figuring out how best to air condition an entire school.

This is why the experts at Acer Services have developed this School Air Conditioning Guide for schools to use as a resource when looking into air conditioning options.

This guide covers important topics to consider such as:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the three main types of systems suitable for classrooms – casette, ducted and high wall split
  • Placement of indoor/outdoor units
  • When is the best time to install
  • Electrical connections
  • Best maintenance and servicing practices
  • And more!

To ensure you make the right choice for your school, download our School Air Con Guide by filling out the form on this page.