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Air Conditioning Brands


All top brand air conditioners supplied, installed, serviced and repaired.

Acer Services stock a wide range of split systems and ducted air conditioning systems, in all the major brands.




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If you are unsure of which top brand air conditioner will best suit your needs, or if you’d like some advice on which system to choose or size/model to buy, please feel free to call us for a friendly obligation-free chat 1300 165 663.

With years of experience, we’re quietly confident we can match the right air con to your needs – but be warned, we won’t sell you an A/C unit that isn’t suitable for the chosen room just to make a quick sale.

Yes, a smaller unit might do a satisfactory job, but if it has to work overtime, it won’t be efficient in the long term – and longevity is just as important as short term performance.

Modern air conditioners are highly advanced – particularly the top brands – however Acer Services technicians always look at the ‘big picture’ and make recommendations accordingly.

Rest assured, we don’t sell and install cheap air con…but nor will we sell you a super duper air conditioner that is so energy-efficient, it will be wasted in South East Queensland where apart from a few bitterly cold or blistering hot days, the weather is perfect without air con.

Trust us now and you’ll thank us tomorrow.

For assistance and advice on any or all top brand air conditioners, simply click here to contact us.