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What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are virtually two brilliant appliances in one…an unbeatable cooling system of course, and also a superb heating system that surprisingly outperforms all other heaters on the market – gas, oil or electric – for both performance and energy-efficiency.

South East Queensland experiences wild temperature fluctuations – blisteringly hot heatwaves in summer (which can last for weeks at a time!) AND bitterly cold weeks in winter when the westerlies howl and the temperatures plummet.

Brisbane winter - the perfect time to buy air con

To give you some idea of the fluctuations, Brisbane’s hottest recorded temperature was 43.7 degrees Celsius, while the lowest was minus 0.1. Other areas in S.E. Queensland are even hotter…and colder!

With temperatures like that, reverse cycle air con in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and especially chilly Toowoomba is more than a luxury, it’s a downright necessity.

It’s important to remember that Reverse Cycle is a style of air conditioning rather than a type of air conditioner… you can enjoy the supreme comfort of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, ducted split system air con, ducted multi-head split systems, and ducted cassette air conditioning systems.

Furthermore, no one brand has a monopoly on this innovative technology…all air conditioning brands have their own reverse cycle air conditioners. Check out our free, downloadable Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

How Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners work

The secret of reverse cycle air conditioning’s versatility is the special inverter technology that works on the “heat exchange” principle.

In layman’s terms, reverse cycle is a system by which the refrigeration cycle can be reversed, transferring heat from one area to another, so you can both cool and heat your home with the same unit, depending on the weather.

It re-diverts the gasses, drawing heat from outside when the room is cold, and expelling it when the room is hot.

You can experience this first hand. Next time your A/C is in cooling mode, walk outside and feel the air coming out of your compressor; it will be quite warm.

Another special feature of reverse cycle air conditioners is they can also filter and dehumidify the air.

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Con

Split system air conditioners are made up of two components – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

In reverse cycle split system air con, the indoor unit contains the condenser and evaporator components, while the outdoor unit houses the compressor.

The two units are connected by piping, through which flows the refrigerant needed to heat (or alternatively cool) the outside air.

Home split system air conditioners vary in the amount of heat they can put out, and obviously the larger the A/C unit, the warmer (or cooler) it can make your room.

Multi-split systems can also be reverse cycle, and with multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit, several rooms (or zones) in your home can air conditioned at the same time to enhance the energy efficiency.

If your budget permits, Acer Services even have a 3-pipe multi-split system that can even cool AND heat different rooms simultaneously.

This would be ideal if one section of your home, say the master bedroom were nestled into a lush shady rainforest, and the other side of your home copped the full western sun.

Reverse Cycle Ducted air conditioners

Ducted systems are top-of-the-range reverse cycle air con systems, as they require a separate ducting system to be installed, one that connects every room in your home to one central area.

In the ultimate case of climate control, you can defy Brisbane’s sweltering days and freezing cold nights, and vary the temperature in each and every room.

For example, you might need it cosy and warm in the lounge room, while the kids might like cooler air as they tear around the games room.

They can be expensive to run – especially in extreme modes of heating or cooling – but as long as you find a temperature you’re comfortable with, you can keep costs down.

Reverse Cycle Cassette Air Conditioners

Reverse Cycle Cassette A/C systems offer all the benefits of split system air con, with quite a few added benefits.

They are very efficient, and as the cassette unit is centrally mounted, they can blow the cold (or warm) air in four different directions, air conditioning the entire space faster and more efficiently.

Reverse Cycle Cassette air conditioning is mainly used in light commercial applications such as shops and showrooms.

This is because of the problems associated with working around domestic roof trusses.

However, Acer Services have a 5kg Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cassette unit that is ideal for homes, as it may be able to be adapted to fit between the trusses.

Is a reverse cycle air conditioner right for you?

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