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Wall split units


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Split system air conditioning is quiet, compact and extremely cost-efficient

As the name implies, split system air conditioning systems comprise of two separate sections.

Ideal for home air conditioning purposes, they incorporate an indoor evaporator coil unit and blower (fan) which can be mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling. These systems also include an self-contained outdoor compressor/ condensing unit that is connected to it by electrical cables and refrigerant pipes.

Simply put, the indoor unit blows cool air into the room, while the outdoor unit dissipates the heat from the cooled room.

Split system air conditioning is designed to regulate both the temperature and, equally important in South East Queensland, the oppressive humidity.

The reason for the split is to keep the hot air outside and the cool air inside (or vice versa in reverse cycle mode)

Modern air conditioner split systems are very compact, quiet and can be located away from the indoor unit if necessary.

Split system air conditioning is ideal for cooling a single room or small area, and as such are very cost efficient.

How split system air conditioning works

Without getting too technical…

  1. A refrigerant (gas) is fed into the compressor which pressurises it and thus makes it hotter.

  2. The pressurised gas flows through a series of tubes and during this process is condensed into a liquid.

  3. The pressurised liquid is forced through an expansion point and becomes a gas again once the pressure is reduced.

  4. During this process, it releases much of its heat and becomes much cooler as it passes through the evaporator coils.

  5. Air from the room is drawn into the unit and over the coils, cooling it dramatically.

  6. The cool air is then blown back into the room and continues to condition the air.

  7. When a built-in thermostat reaches your pre-determined point, the A/C unit will shut down for a brief period and turn back on when the temperature rises.

  8. Excess water from the evaporator coils is dispersed by a drain on the outside of your home.

  9. The gas is fed back into the compressor and process is repeated.



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The advantages of split system air conditioning

Modern split system air conditioners are an effective,  low-cost alternative to ducted air conditioning.

They allow you to cool (or heat) a room exactly the way you want to, with excellent zone control. You simply cool the rooms you spend most of your time in, such as your lounge room and bedrooms, or those that face the western sun.

They also are very simple in design and easy to maintain – in fact apart from regular maintenance and periodic servicing, all you really need do is ensure that the filters are kept clean and dust free.

Today’s split systems are also highly efficient and popular air con brands like those from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are becoming more and more energy-efficient.

Split system air conditioning with inverters

Split systems are even more economical if you opt for a split system with an inverter.

Rather than operate on a stop/start basis, an inverter provides a steady controlled operation without drastic fluctuations.

Most feature remote control and all modern wall split systems are also available as reverse cycle systems so your home can be cool in summer and warm in winter.

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