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Air Conditioning Capalaba

No one knows more about air conditioning in Capalaba than the local airconditioning specialists, Acer Services.

Based right in the heart of this dynamic Bayside suburb – in Neumann Road – Acer know Capalaba like the backs of our hands.

That’s great news if you have an emergency, or you need a quote in a hurry.

As we are only minutes away, we can respond more promptly than anyone outside the catchment area.

If you are looking for top quality, affordable air conditioning Capalaba, support a local family business and give Acer Services a call on 3823 3577.

Capalaba Overview

Capalaba’s population is over 16,600 which puts it at # 15 of the most populous towns in Queensland.

It is a relatively young area with the average age (36 years) a full year less than the Australian average.

Approximately 19 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD and the Gateway to North Stradbroke Island, Capalaba is the Redland City Council’s prime retail and business centre.

It has great schools, excellent shopping and restaurants, reliable transport, a wide variety of services and in short is a terrific place to raise a family.

If you live in Capalaba and you’re looking for air conditioning, look no further than Acer.


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