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Which air conditioning system is right for your home?

Which air conditioning system is right for your home?

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to deciding which air conditioning system you should install in your home.

Budget and house size are obviously important, but your future plans and lifestyle also need to be considered. You could have two identical houses but they might require different systems — it all depends upon the individual circumstances of the residents.

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Ducted? Or Split System?

Your lifestyle can really have an impact on the running costs of both split system and ducted air conditioning.

Consider our “two identical houses” example…


  House A House B
Size 3 bedrooms, 2 living spaces, 1 bath 3 bedrooms, 2 living spaces, 1 bath
Occupants Couple Family
Lifestyle Shiftworkers – 1 sleeping during the day and the other at night Keeping regular working/school hours
Cooling Requirements Bedroom most of the day and night for sleeping; bedroom & living spaces on weekend Bedrooms and living spaces after working hours & on weekends

Best Solution

Air conditioning system 1 split system in the bedroom; 1 ducted system reaching all rooms 1 ducted system reaching all rooms
Why? A split system unit is cheaper than a ducted for only cooling one room during the week. Running the ducted system to only one room during the week would become very expensive. The ducted system is more economical for cooling several rooms on weekends. A ducted system is more economical for cooling an entire house than several split system units.

As you can see in the table above, although both houses are exactly the same, the residents’ lifestyle had a big impact on which system was the most economical choice.

Thinking into the future for your home

Your future plans for your family and home are another important consideration before installing air conditioning.

Will you want to air condition your whole home at some point in the future? If so, a ducted air-conditioning system would probably be the best solution, even if it does require a larger initial outlay.

A split system air conditioning unit is easier to install on a small budget. If you have previously installed a split system air conditioner in… say… the lounge room and a bedroom and want to expand your air conditioning system, you can add more split systems to your home to suit your needs — however, their running costs would be more expensive in the long run if you had installed a ducted system from the start.

Talk to the experts

At ACER Services, our trained electricians and air conditioning experts are here to help. We can look at your home layout, and advise you on the best cooling solution based on your lifestyle and future plans. Contact ACER Services today to speak with a professional!