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New air conditioning system helps sick and injured children at Wynnum school

New air conditioning system helps sick and injured children at Wynnum school

When Peter Blundell, Principal of The Guardian Angels School in Wynnum, had to install an air conditioning system in the new extension to his school, he called on John Ricca, General Manager of Acer Services, to assist.

We were in the process of building a rather large extension at our Wynnum school, when the builders suddenly required us to decommission our existing air conditioning units, refurbish them and install new ones,” said Peter.

Air conditioned facilities for sick and injured children a priority

This took us by surprise, because we were only expecting to install the new system once the building was complete. Fortunately, we were able to call on John at very short notice and he was very accommodating. He made arrangements to fit us into Acer’s busy schedule.”

The Acer Services team took the old air-con units away and reconditioned them at a very reasonable rate. While on site, they examined the new buildings and liaised with the builders and school staff members to find out exactly what their requirements were for the new air conditioning system. (If you also need guidance, check out our free Buyer’s Guide.)

We wanted the new system to improve the working conditions and environment for our staff and students. And, the fact that a portion of this area will be used to house sick and injured children, made it all the more important to get the temperature control just right,” Peter explained.

Experience with school installations makes the difference

The school environment is very different from domestic and commercial sites – it offers many unique challenges. However, the Acer Services team has plenty of experience doing installations at schools.

The project was quite demanding as it involved providing temperature control for an area that spanned FIVE classrooms, (a total of 45 m long x 10 m wide). The airconditioning system had to cater for multiple areas and allow for isolating and opening up various areas at different times.

Among the difficulties the team faced were the double brick walls, which are extremely hard to penetrate, and window openings, which they had to brick up. They were able to use some of the existing power supply, but they also had to liaise with the builder’s electrician to get a few new ones put in.

Communication and coordination is key

Due to the on-going construction, the aircon installers also had to work closely with the other contractors at the Wynnum site.

This meant coordinating their work schedules and constantly liaising with them so that they did not get in each other’s way.

Despite these challenges, Acer Services was able to complete this relatively large and complex job in just three days!

Acer’s solution exceeds expectations

Acer Services supplied and installed six new Mitsubishi Heavy Industry air-conditioners in addition to reconditioning and repositioning the existing air conditioning units.

They were proactive about finding a solution for us AND they came up with something that not only met our requirements, but fitted in with our budget. The aircon system was cleverly designed to utilize the existing units (which saved us some money) and include a few new ones.

The result was a highly flexible and versatile air-conditioning solution that left no “dead spots”, no “hot-spots” and no “chilled spots” throughout the entire area.

To find out more about Acer Services’ school air conditioning installations and solutions, visit our School webpage.

Professionalism the hallmark of Acer Services’ approach

What really impressed me was the professionalism with which Acer Services conducts their business,” said Peter. “They were honest with us about what could and could not be done. They let us know when they would be coming and consistently kept their appointments. And they were always willing to go the extra mile.

What’s more, their workmanship was superb. They are exceptionally good at design and they created a neat air conditioning system which fits in well with the style of the building and looks great!”

"I would not hesitate to recommend Acer Services to anyone – they were easy to deal with, reliable and they produced an exceptionally good solution for us without exceeding our budget.”

Acer Services provides air con for schools throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Redlands, the Sunshine Coast and the Ipswich and Toowoomba areas. If you are interested in an air conditioning supply or installation for your school, contact Acer Services today and our experienced electricians will work with you to find the best solution.