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Know Your Air Conditioning Warranty

Know Your Air Conditioning Warranty


When you get your new air conditioner, the first thing Acer Services suggest you do is grab a cold drink – or a hot cuppa if it’s winter – sit down in front of it and do a little light reading.

It sounds straightforward, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who only give it a cursory glance, or don’t bother reading it at all.

This is a worry because it is a very important document.

As well as telling you what’s included and what isn’t, it also spells out a lot of things you may not have considered.

Of course, all warranties are different, so let’s use the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Warranty as an example.

The Mitsubishi Warranty is a particularly good one, with the S series and FD series models covered for 5 years for Parts, Labour and Compressor.

Naturally conditions apply, such as the equipment must be installed in accordance the manufacturer’s instructions, and the warranty is only available to the original installation site. (If you’re interested…Read Terms & Conditions)

Air conditioning warranty exclusions

There are a number of things not covered in a warranty.

For example, the Mitsubishi Warranty excludes things such as:

  • Faults incurred through lack of maintenance
  • Modifications or alterations
  • Incorrect operation
  • Any faults with equipment installed in mobile locations (eg. boats, caravans, etc)
  • Damage caused by corrosive environments (including coastal areas)
  • And many more.

The warranty also does not cover the installation or any components supplied by others during the installation.

This brings us to a very important point: a manufacturer’s fault is totally different from an installation fault, so always check before making a warranty claim.

Before making a claim:

  • Have another read of the Operation Manual, the problem may be listed under “troubleshooting”
  • Check to see that the drains are clear and filters clean (NB. It’s your responsibility to maintain the equipment.)
  • Are the batteries in the remote control ok, and has the power supply been reset?
  • Is the airflow clear, and are both the interior and exterior units free of obstruction?

For more information about yours or any air conditioning warranty, contact the team at Acer Services today.