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Ceiling Fans, the coolest things going around

Ceiling Fans, the coolest things going around


Everyone knows that ceiling fans are very expensive to operate.

Or at least everyone thinks they are.
In actual fact, ceiling fans are deceptively inexpensive to run.

Did you know that the average ceiling fan only consumes as much electricity as a standard 60W light bulb? That’s around 3 cents an hour and you can’t get much more efficient than that.

The reason ceiling fans work so well is they push a lot of air around.

Depending on the size of the blades (they range from 122cm to 142cm) and number of blades (between 3 and 5), they can circulate as much as 466 square metres of air each and every minute – a pleasant breeze in anyone’s language.
Of course as most ceiling fans are reversible, it’s important to make sure your ceiling fan is in the correct mode, be it summer or winter.

In summer they need to be turning in a clockwise direction to create a cooling uplift.

If they are turning counter-clockwise, they will push the warm air that collects near the ceiling down and defeat the purpose. (The direction can be easily changed from winter mode to summer mode at the flick of a switch…something you should do twice a year!)

What size ceiling fan do I need?

That depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the room you want to cool, whether you prefer timber or metal blades, and how quiet the fan needs to be.

Obviously the bigger the room, the more powerful the motor required and generally speaking the bigger the motor, the more noise it will make…unless you buy a top quality ceiling fan, such as the ones Acer Services recommend.

Timber blades are more suitable for bedrooms as they tend to be quieter, although not as efficient as metal blades which cut more cleanly through the air.

How much do ceiling fans cost to install?

Again, it all depends on a number of variables such as how high your ceilings are, how accessible everything is, whether there is adequate support, whether it is a new or existing installation, the state of your wiring, whether you need it to be a combined light/fan, and so forth.

However Acer Services will be delighted to give you an estimate and discuss all your cooling and electrical needs.
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