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A chilling story about commercial air conditioning maintenance

A chilling story about commercial air conditioning maintenance


Everyone knows that the longer we operate a machine that needs repairing or servicing, the more it will cost to eventually fix it.

For example, if you don’t do anything about a failing industrial electric motor bearing (retailing for around $150 – $200), it could damage the rotor or, worse case scenario, the entire motor, costing you thousands.

Overseas ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers) have found that it costs around US$600 more per quarter if a large central air unit has a dirty coil, plus a further US$480 if it has a clogged filter as well.

Closer to home, Acer Services have seen cases where huge dramas could have been avoided had some preventative maintenance been undertaken.

And we’re not just referring to the costly repairs that have to be carried out in the aftermath of a major breakdown, but also to the massive cost of downtime, whereby your staff and customers are left to suffer without air-conditioning.

Acer understands that commercial air-conditioning is completely different to residential air con and requires specialised services, of which maintenance is a major factor.

Never skip a commercial air conditioning maintenance.

With correct maintenance (as specified by each individual manufacturer) your air conditioning will perform more economically and reliably.

We can keep your unit operating at peak performance, ensuring you get the maximum amount of comfort from your air-conditioning system.

As you are well aware, air conditioners account for a large portion of your power bill.

What you might not know is that your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without scheduled maintenance.

Skipping a service is NOT the way to save money – on the contrary, systems running at their peak can cut energy costs by up to 25%, and proper maintenance can almost double the life span of your commercial air-conditioning system.

In fact, with regular maintenance an air conditioning unit will keep up to 96 percent of its original efficiency.

Furthermore many of the health risks that are associated with poor indoor air quality  – commonly referred to as sick building syndrome  – can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper system maintenance.

Maintaining AS3000 standards.

Because commercial air-conditioners are larger and more complex than the units you run in your home, it is imperative that maintenance schedules be strictly adhered to.

Acer will do everything to ensure that the AS3000 standard is maintained.

First of all, we will prepare a Service Schedule, detailing regular scheduling of maintenance checks.

This will include aspects like:

  • checking the coolant (a 10% loss of coolant can lead to a 20% increase in power costs)
  • testing the voltage and amperage
  • testing air flow
  • cleaning and adjusting thermostat
  • testing fan belts, fan motors and relays
  • checking/ replacing air filters
  • checking/testing condensers & capacitors
  • and more

Finally by commissioning an Acer Maintenance Schedule, you become a priority customer – particularly important as the seasons change.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will automatically keep an eye on the air conditioning servicing schedule for your system and arrange your service at a time that is least disruptive for your staff.

For more details of how Acer can assist you with your commercial air conditioning maintenance, or to arrange an obligation-free maintenance proposal, click here to contact us.