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Do I need a Commercial Air Conditioning Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Do I need a Commercial Air Conditioning Pre-Purchase Inspection?


We’re often asked about commercial air conditioning pre-purchase inspections… are they required by law, what’s involved, how much do they cost, and are they really necessary? 

To end the confusion and uncertainty, we’ll give you our take on pre-purchase inspections for commercial buildings.

Firstly, are they required by law?

No, not in Australia. Although legislation has been introduced in other countries such as the UK and the European Union making regular inspections mandatory… and Australia may one day follow suit.

Is a commercial air conditioning pre-purchase inspection really necessary?

We think so. After all..imagine how unpleasant and uncomfortable it would be for your staff to move into their new premises only to find that the air con wasn’t working well…or not at all. It has been well proven that if air conditioning is faulty – especially in a sultry Queensland summer – then productivity will fall and absenteeism will rise.

So why take the risk? We can advise you on the state of the air-conditioning at the new building and supply a report so you can get the present owners or building managers to repair or replace the faulty units.

What’s involved?

During a commercial air conditioning pre-purchase inspection, one of our trained technicians will assess the overall performance of your building’s air conditioning system and ensure it is running at optimum levels (and minimising the effect on the environment).

We will then supply you with a report that includes an overall assessment of the system’s efficiency for the size of the space, as well as advice and recommendations on any suggested improvements or replacements.

How much does an commercial air conditioning pre-purchase inspection cost?

Naturally that all depends on a number of factors such the size and location of the proposed new premises, accessibility factors, and the age and type of the existing air conditioning.

However rest assured it will be good value and the reassurance it will bring will be priceless.

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