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How to choose the right Daikin Air Con for your home

How to choose the right Daikin Air Con for your home


f you’re looking for Daikin air con, Daikin Australia have just produced a simple guide designed for homeowners to select the best air conditioning system for their home. Acer Services found it so interesting and informative, we’re reproducing it here as a consumer service…

To see our own free, downloadable guide, click here: Air Conditioning Buyers Guide.

There are many different types of air conditioning systems; not knowing which one to choose from options such as Ducted Systems, Split Systems, or Multi-Split Systems can make the decision-making process very difficult, especially if you are not sure which system is the most perfect choice for your home.

As an air conditioning specialist, Daikin simplifies the decision-making process based on whether you need to cool a couple of rooms or desire the ultimate in climate control over the entire home.

Daikin Split System Air Con

Split systems (also known as wall split systems) are ideal for heating and cooling individual rooms in the home as well as compact spaces. A split system air conditioner is designed for individual areas in your home such as the bedroom, the living room, lounge room or the family room. As the name suggests, the ‘split’ system has the compressor unit installed outside the house while the unit that blows air into the house is discreetly wall mounted or installed as a compact floor-standing unit.

Key benefits of split systems include cost savings at the time of purchase as well as during operation thanks to their energy efficiency. A split system also allows you to selectively cool the rooms in your house.

Daikin Multi Split Air Con

Multi split systems are ideal for heating and cooling up to five rooms as well as homes with limited space for ducted air conditioning, and controlling room temperatures individually.

A multi split system is the ideal solution for cooling multiple rooms at once while keeping in mind the individual cooling preferences of the occupant in each room. A multi split air conditioner lets you run multiple air conditioners with just one outside compressor, giving you independent temperature control in each room. You can choose the rooms and the type of indoor unit for each room.

Key advantages of multi split air conditioning systems include convenient, economical air solution allowing maximum comfort with minimum running costs; up to 5 different kinds of indoor units supported by just one outdoor unit; wall mounted, duct connected, floor standing, ceiling suspended or cassette type options; and separate controls allowing occupants to control the climate in each room.

Daikin Ducted Air Con

Ducted Daikin air con systems are ideal for heating and cooling the entire home, while providing both comfort and a discreet appearance.

Ducted air conditioning systems are suitable for homes that need to be completely climate controlled. All it takes is a discreetly positioned outdoor unit and an indoor unit concealed in either the ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air via vents throughout the home.

Key benefits of ducted systems include suitability for both new homes as well as existing dwellings through retrofits; practically invisible with only the controller and grilles seen inside the home; almost noiseless operation with concealed technology; ability to enhance lifestyle as well as value of the home; and flexibility to heat or cool every room with zone control maximising energy efficiency.

Acer Services are Daikin Air Con Specialists and we have been supplying, installing and servicing this top brand for many years.

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