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How long does it take to install ducted air conditioning?

How long does it take to install ducted air conditioning?


As home air conditioning experts,  one of the most common questions we get asked is –  how long does it take to install ducted air conditioning?

That’s a difficult one to answer; there are a lot of factors involved and there are many variables, such as the type, style, size, location and age of the home or office being fitted, the weather, access to the property, how far away the condenser needs to be, and more.

On one hand we want our customers to be able to relax and enjoy their ducted air conditioning ASAP, but on the other hand it’s a fairly complex task to install ducted air conditioning and our philosophy is not to rush things.

We’d rather it be done well, once and for all, than done fast.

Perhaps when you read what’s involved below, you’ll understand why you should allow up to two days for us to do a first class job on your ducted air conditioning install.

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Preparing to install ducted air conditioning

Like all things in life, preparation is crucial.

We will take in such things as the orientation, where existing wiring is, wall and ceiling thicknesses, where to place the outdoor condenser unit (away from bedrooms and neighbours, but as close as practical to the switchboard) and of course the all-important roof space.

In the meantime, you should place dust covers on valuable furniture and furnishings, and treasured ornaments and artwork.

We always use drop sheets, but there will invariably be sawdust and plasterdust.

While we are beavering away, you may like to decide where to position the controllers, usually in a well travelled location such as the TV room or hallway. We’ll let you know if that position is impractical (eg. we may be unable to run cables from it).

The installation process

Our installation team will arrive at around 7.30am on the first morning and will hit the ground running.

If you have any pets that might not take kindly to the noise and intrusion, perhaps it’s best to leave them with a friend or neighbour.

The ducted air con components will be dropped off by our new delivery van and the actual installation with commence.

We will spend more time inspecting the roof space, working out precisely where the indoor unit should go, and the best places for the return air grill and ducts (checking with you first naturally).

We will then carefully measure (twice!) and cut a hole for the return air grill into your ceiling and pass all the components – both air plenums (supply and return), fan coil unit and fan deck – up through that cavity to be reassembled up there.

To prevent annoying vibrations, once assembled the indoor unit is suspended from the roof frame and a fluid safety tray is then mounted underneath.

This tray together with the condensing drain are connected to the roof gutter to avoid damaging the ceiling.

We then install the outdoor unit and run all the electricals and cooling pipes from it to the indoor unit we just fitted in the ceiling, before connecting it to the switchboard.

Then over the course of the day and possibly next day, it’s a case of:

  • Cutting the holes for the supply air diffusers
  • Fitting these diffusers
  • Running the ducts to all the branches and back to the indoor unit
  • Running the return air ducts from the indoor unit to the return air box
  • Running the control cables to the zone motors, then from the wall controllers to the indoor unit
  • Powering up the ducted air con and making sure it works
  • Double checking all components and connections, and finally
  • Taking the time to show you exactly how the controller works and how to operate it at maximum efficiency.

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