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Why an Inverter Air Conditioner is the Best Choice for your Home

Why an Inverter Air Conditioner is the Best Choice for your Home


When it comes to Home Air Conditioning, an inverter air conditioner is widely considered to be a superior choice.

But to understand why an inverter air conditioner is better than a non-inverter model, first you must appreciate how air conditioning basically works.

It’s a complex process during which the air goes in warm and comes out cooler, over time reducing the temperature in the room.

The cooling all comes down to the variable speed drive in the compressor (located in the outdoor unit) which makes the air conditioning work better, faster and more efficiently.

While a fixed-speed air conditioner works at full speed right from the word go, and has to stop/start to try to maintain optimum temperatures, an inverter A/C operates far more smoothly.

It simply varies the speed of the compressor to precisely control the temperature.

As we say in the Air Conditioning Buyers Guide, this technology offers variable speed compressor outputs and ensures quick cooling or heating after start up.

 How does an inverter air conditioner work?

The inverter air conditioner begins by operating on high speed in order to cool the room more quickly.

As sensors note that the room temperature is approaching the desired temperature, the compressor slows right down to maintain that set temperature.

Any sudden variations in the ambient room temperature – such as a door or window opening – will be automatically sensed and the compressor will momentarily work faster to maintain your preferred temperature.

It’s similar to using your car’s accelerator – slow and steady highway driving is far easier and economical than stop-start driving in traffic.

Benefits of an inverter air conditioner

“For most homes, an inverter reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner will be the best option.”

An excerpt from “What you need to know about air con

Choice article, 9 November 2017


As well as reaching desired temperatures far more quickly – in fact the start-up time is up to 30% faster – inverter air conditioners offer a host of other features and benefits that normal air con units don’t.

They are much quieter overall, plus there are no noisy starts and clunky stops as the air con kicks in and powers off.

Similarly, there are no current peaks and troughs like you’d experience with a standard compressor.

On top of that, there are no temperature fluctuations, so you won’t go from being comfy one minute, to uncomfortably hot or cold the next.

Speaking of ‘hot’, all inverter air conditioners are reverse cycle so they also double as heaters – in fact the most energy-efficient forms of heating on the market.

Because this technologically-advanced air conditioning doesn’t have to start up and switch off constantly, but just keeps working at a steady pace, with inverter air con there is less wear and tear so the units invariably last longer.

Servicing costs may be reduced too.

However, the biggest and best feature of inverter air conditioners is its energy saving. It’s a fact that an inverter A/C is between 30% and 50% cheaper to run because it uses far less power.

Sure, it will cost you more to buy initially, but with electricity prices spiralling, you should soon be able to recoup your purchase price, then enjoy the ongoing savings. And of course superb air-conditioned comfort.

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