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What you need to know about man cave air conditioning

What you need to know about man cave air conditioning


“Yeah, all Australian boys need a shed.
A place where he can go, somewhere to clear his head.
To think about the things his woman said.
Yeah, all Australian boys need a shed.”

John Williamson, “The Shed”, 1987

Call it what you will – a garage, shed, workshop, pool room or man cave – every Aussie male either has one or wants one.

If you already have a man cave, what you really need next is cool, refreshing man cave air conditioning to cope with the hot South East Queensland climate.

After all, what’s the point of having your own space if it becomes unbearable?

Some blokes make do with ceiling fans, but unfortunately all fans do is push the hot, humid air around – it won’t cool the room and eliminate the humidity like a top brand air conditioner will.

Nor will it get rid of the smell of B.O. when you have a bunch of sweaty mates sitting around watching the footy!

Thankfully Jay Matsen, Manager of Acer Services, has the ideal solution.

He’s an expert at Home Air Conditioning, so he’ll look after you with the perfect air con for your man cave. One that will do the job of keeping you incredibly cool – or amazingly warm if you opt for reverse cycle A/C – without your electricity bill going through the roof.

What is the right size unit for man cave air conditioning?

The most important thing to keep in mind is sizing.

If your garage or shed is around 4 X 6 metres, the last thing you want is a big air con unit, like some of the 8kW ones from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with an 18-metre throw. That would be total overkill…unless you’re having a bunch of Tasmanians over for a poker game!

On the other hand, if your man cave is a reasonable size, has a high ceiling, and/or if it cops a lot of direct sun, you don’t want to skimp too much and put an itty bitty air con in there that just won’t cope.

That would defeat the purpose, and with the unit working overtime, your power bill could be a shocker too!

You might also want to think about minimising your man cave air conditioning running costs by things such as:

  • insulating the shed ceiling (and walls if possible, especially if building a new man cave)
  • isolating the man cave, by closing interconnecting doors if adjoined to your house, and only air conditioning the space you need
  • tinting windows, especially those facing the western sun, and
  • installing awnings over windows.

These things will obviously add a bit to your upfront costs, but you’ll be much better off in the long run. 

What type of air conditioning is best for a man cave?

If your man cave adjoins or is close enough to your home (for example, a garage), and you have a ducted air conditioning system in your house, it may be possible to connect an existing duct to your garage if it is close range.

Every job is different, so Acer Services won’t be able to let you know if this is a viable option until they have seen the set up.

Then there are split system air conditioners and mini-split systems that could do the job.

You’ll need room on the inside of your shed for the business end of the unit and room on the outside for the all-important condenser.

Another option is a window air conditioner, which could come in handy if you don’t have enough room to swing the proverbial cat.

The downside is that these types of units aren’t as efficient or as easy on power as wall-mounted systems…plus a lot of man caves aren’t real big on windows. (They don’t call them caves for nothing.)

Air conditioners for she-sheds.

We’re equal opportunity air conditioning experts at Acer Services, so as well as cooling/heating man caves, we also install air con in she sheds.

As these are usually places where “she who must be obeyed” can quietly get on with DIY projects, crafts, photography, creative writing, blogging and so forth, Acer will no doubt recommend some of the super-quiet air conditioners on the market.

Style might also be an important consideration, and the stylish new compact A/C units may prove to be most popular for she sheds, outdoor studios, relax shacks and other back yard retreats.

And once again, for year-round comfort the air conditioners we recommend are reverse cycle, so your “she shedquarters” will be nice and cosy in winter too.

For more information and advice about man cave air conditioning – or she shed air conditioning – talk to Jay Matsen at Acer Services today. Simply click here to get in touch