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Do I need reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane?

Do I need reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane?


Why would I need reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane? It’s always warm! Isn’t it?

That’s a question so many people ask when it comes to Home Air Conditioning.  And we’re not surprised. In the middle of a 35 degree summer’s day in Brisbane, it’s hard to remember back to last winter when you were huddled in front of the heater with the doona, fluffy slippers and hot chocolate.

Yes, it gets cold in Brisbane!

Brisbane’s weather in winter is generally dry and mild with temperatures between 11 – 21°C. It can get crisp overnight and in the early mornings with temps dropping to 9°C and below. Sure, it’s not cold compared to Russia, but you want to be comfortable.

Whether heating the baby’s room, family room or bedrooms, by far the safest, most cost-effective and convenient way to heat your home in Brisbane is with Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. Would you rather be huddled up in front of that energy guzzling oil heater or have the option to warm up the whole house for a fraction of the cost?

Let’s have a look at some of the best bits about reverse cycle and why, even in a mild Brisbane winter, you’ll be glad you invested in one.

Reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane is an economical choice

Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most economical way to heat your home. The initial cost is quickly turned into savings. This article from News Corp Australia, states “Reverse cycle air conditioners are economical to run and “over 300 per cent efficient”, according to Adrian Brown of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This means one unit of energy in, produces more than three units of energy out,” Mr Brown said, where “energy in” meant electricity and “energy out” meant heat.”

It’s like running three electrical strip heaters but only paying for the electricity of one!

With the ever increasing cost of electricity and reverse cycle air conditioners being so low in initial cost, you’ll soon have yours paid for and saving you money in no time. 

Reverse cycle air conditioning  in Brisbane is practical

Reverse cycle air conditioning heats the whole area. No more vying for prime position in front of the heater… or having to buy one for each room… or having to drag it from room to room…or store it away. You control the temperature so you can more evenly spread the warmth to where it’s needed. It’s also surprisingly fast. You feel the heat almost immediately unlike oil heaters that are notoriously slow to heat and when they do, struggle with large spaces.

Convenient… and versatile

When you think about it – heaters are just heaters. Fans are just fans. Reverse cycle air condition does it all. And you have so much more control with thermostats, timers, even sleep mode. You can set it to warm the house when you get home, or when you get up. Turn it off overnight when you’re snuggled in bed.

Bonus: you’ll free up space in that laundry cupboard or garage!

And it’s safe

If you have little fingers in your house (or even furry tails) you don’t want to have to worry about heater elements or flames and the risk of nasty burns. As far as we know, no one has ever burnt themselves on an air con unit! Your reverse cycle air conditioner also reduces the risk of fires or accidents. You don’t want a cord lying on the ground that’s attached to a big, heavy, hot thing when there are children, animals or elderly people in your home… or clumsy adults!

With reverse cycle air conditioning, you’re in control

Remember, just because you have a reverse cycle air conditioner, it doesn’t mean you have to run it all day, every day! Some people turn it on for half an hour just to take the chill out of the air and then turn it off again. It heats up quickly and the warmth is retained for longer in your home compared to the small area covered by a heater.

It’s just not cool!

If you’re already considering purchasing a ‘cooling only’ air conditioner, then it’s worth paying the tiny bit extra to receive the year-long benefits of reverse cycle. When using reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane, the difference in upfront cost is minimal. Plus you’ll enjoy having a warm, comfortable home when those cooler months arrive… and they will!

For more information about Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners – or to arrange a quote – please call 1300 165 663 and speak to our friendly team at Acer Services. Or simply click here to contact us.