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How household pests can be a BIG cause for Air Conditioning Repair

How household pests can be a BIG cause for Air Conditioning Repair


Our technicians have been called out to jobs all over South East Queensland for all types of air conditioning repair jobs, and let us tell you, we’ve just about seen everything.

Many times we’ve found that the culprit behind electrical problems in air conditioning units are regular household pests, such as ants, geckos and rodents

These animals are small but they can pack a serious punch – often causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage, as you’ll see below.

It’s a jungle out there!

Geckos, Rodents and Ants

Geckos, rodents and ants are common causes of serious electrical problems requiring air conditioning repair.

With their small size, they can wriggle and crawl into just about everything – including indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.

They are a common problem with all aircon systems — and the repair can be expensive if the control board is damaged.

Mice and rats in particular love to chew of anything and everything, this includes electrical wiring, which poses a serious risk if they get into your air con unit.

Ants and geckos that make their way into an air conditioner can prevent the unit from operating properly and even short out electrical connections.


The burn marks shown in this image of an air conditioner circuit board were caused by ants crawling into the unit.

It can be incredibly frustrating for people who have paid good money for a high quality air conditioner only to need costly air conditioning repair work because of a pest getting into the system.

As with every repair ACER Services does, in order to save our customers’ money, we always look to see if a lower cost repair can be made. However, in some cases, unfortunately, the damage is clear.

How can I stop household pests from getting into my air conditioner?

While you’re never going to be able to 100% prevent the need for air conditioning repair, there’s a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of any critters getting into your unit.

  • Routine pest control – ensure that your home or business maintains a routine pest control schedule to prevent the overall number of pests in and around the premises.
  • Inspect your unit for nearby water puddles – pests and insects are often attracted to moist areas, so be sure to clean up, or try to prevent, any puddles. A puddle could also be a sign that
  • Regular maintenance – keep up a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioner so your unit remains clean and any potential problems can be prevented early by a trained technician.

ACER Services is always prepared when it comes to air conditioning repair

At ACER Services, our service vans are fully-fitted with the tools necessary to complete most jobs — so we get the job done quickly and efficiently, keeping costs low and repairs as convenient as possible for you.

So next time you need air conditioning repair work, no matter the cause of the problem, contact ACER Services today.