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Reverse cycle air conditioning — is it right for your home?

Reverse cycle air conditioning — is it right for your home?


Reverse cycle air conditioning has two purposes — to cool and heat your home. This makes it perfect for the variable Brisbane climate, which often gets extremely hot in summer but much cooler in the winter months.

How does reverse cycle air conditioning work?

When in heating mode, the reverse cycle air conditioning (also known as a heat pump) extracts heat from the outside air and transfers this inside. This heat is then released into the room as a result of the refrigerant being pumped through a condenser. To cool down a room, the flow of refrigerant is reversed — resulting in cool air being expelled from the unit.

What are the benefits of heat pumps / reverse cycle air conditioning?

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. Not only are they extremely economical and versatile, but they also filter and dehumidify the air in your home — and have an average lifespan of 20 years. Heat pumps also lack exposed elements of flames, and so are significantly safer than traditional open-bar heaters.

What makes this type of air con so energy efficient?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the most efficient form of heating available. It can give about twice the output as an electric heater for the same running costs — perfect if you’re trying to keep your family’s energy costs to a minimum. This is because up to three or more units of heat can be transferred for every unit of electricity used to run the machine. And by reversing the cycle, running costs for cooling (air conditioning) are kept as low as possible too.

To find out more about reverse cycle air conditioning and how it can help YOUR family reduce its energy costs, call the friendly team at ACER Services today!