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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perfect for South East Queensland’s Climate

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perfect for South East Queensland’s Climate


South East Queensland has one of the best climates in Australia; it’s generally not too hot or too cold, but just right.

However it isn’t always “beautiful one day, perfect the next”.

It can get a tad hot here in Brisbane…sultry, steaming, stinking hot.

Similarly, it can get a bit cold…frosty, frigid, freezing cold.

And that’s why we need reverse cycle air conditioning (also known as split air conditioning systems or wall mounted air conditioners)

Reverse cycle air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable when the scorching summer sun is beating down, and warm and toasty in winter when the westerlies are howling.

The basic principle of a reverse cycle air conditioner is that the refrigeration cycle can be switched to produce heat via an inbuilt heat pump.

They are the way to go if you are energy conscious as they use less power.

In fact reverse cycle air conditioners feature very prominently in the Queensland Government’s PeakSmart Rewards Scheme.

It pays to think PeakSmart. 

The PeakSmart scheme, designed to reduce electricity consumption during peak periods, not only saves you money on your power bill but also offers you generous cash incentives for choosing eligible A/C brands and models.

The incentives start at $150 for air conditioners with a cooling capacity of less than 4kW and go as high as $500 for systems of 10kW or more.

Acer Services stock many of the PeakSmart-approved brands and models of reverse cycle air conditioners. These include:

  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Daikin
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • And many more.

Both ducted and split air conditioning systems can feature reverse cycle inverter technology, however the only person who knows which is right for your home or office is you. (And ultimately Acer Services).

It all depends on the orientation of your home (full sun or shaded), the style of your home (ie. open plan or traditional) the size of your rooms, whether your ceilings have been insulated, doors and windows draft-proofed, and other factors including of course, your budget.

For more information about reverse cycle air conditioning, or to discuss the pros and cons of PeakSmart, simply contact the team at Acer Services for a 100% obligation free consult today.