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Review - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUA100VNP1VF2 ducted air conditioner

 Review-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUA100VNP1VF2 ducted air conditioner


Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate air conditioning choice, providing climate controlled comfort throughout your house or apartment, regardless of its size.

Here at Acer Services, we’re often asked: “Which ducted air conditioner is the BEST system on the market?”

Well, it’s not a completely straight forward question to answer because every ducted air conditioner has its advantages and disadvantages. And a system which is great for one owner won’t be a good fit for someone else who has a different sized home and different needs.


FDUA100VNP1VF2 ducted air conditioning system

The FDUA100VNP1VF2 from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of my top picks for a ducted home air conditioner. It’s got 10kW of power for cooling and 11.2kW for heating.


Max 30 meters of pipeline

One of the main reasons I favour this system is that it’s a great choice for smaller to medium sized houses. This is because its limited to a maximum of 30 meters of pipeline.

Most other ducted air conditioner models have a maximum pipeline of over 50 meters. For small to medium sized houses, having an air conditioner designed for 50+ meters of pipeline can be considered overkill and makes the system more expensive to purchase.

With the FDUA100VNP1VF2, you won’t have to pay for more grunt that you need.


In-built drain pump

Another key benefit of this air conditioner is that it comes with an in-built drain pump.

With most air con installations, a drain pump is not necessary. Gravity does the trick and the excess water created by the cooling process simply flows down the conduit and empties outside. However, if your house has limited space between the roof trusses, this makes it difficult to install a long enough pipe at an appropriate angle to ensure the pipe can freely drain.

If you are restricted on where you can place the indoor unit, the in-built drain pump of the FDUA100VNP1VF2 allows you to mount the indoor unit low inside your ceiling.

The in-built drain pipe incorporates a small water reservoir which collects condensation. A float switch located there is lifted by the rising water. When the water level inside the drain pump is near capacity, the float switch triggers a small electric motor. The motor pumps the water up and out of the reservoir to a drainage pipe or flexible tube. The drain pump pushes the condensate to an external building drain, where it is disposed of as wastewater.

The FDUA100VNP1VF2 also doesn’t require a separate safety tray as it has an internal safety tray. I.e – it has a second float switch, so if the drain pump for some reason has failed and water becomes backed up, the float switch will automatically turn off the unit to prevent it from causing water damage to your ceiling. I’ve yet to come across a unit that has failed yet!


Other great features

The FDUA100VNP1VF2 comes with all the bells and whistles of a high quality, modern ducted air con system. But here’s some of my favourites:

  • Compact outdoor unit – this makes for more flexible installation options, especially if you need to install the outdoor unit on a deck or patio.
  • Very quiet system to run.
  • Outdoor unit has a galvanised base for longevity.
  • It has a reminder function for the cleaning of the filter – this makes it easy to keep the system running as efficiently as possible.
  • Self-Diagnostics Technology – in the unlikely event of a fault, the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are renowned for having simple and easy tech support, so when you do have an issue, it’s quick and easy to get a hold of someone who can help you out.
  • It comes with an RC-ex3 wired wall controller which is backlit for convenience in darker hallways. A wireless WiFi controller can be installed for an extra cost.
  • It also has a sleep function that turns off after the desired run time.

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