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Airconditioning – the first days of summer

Airconditioning – the first days of summer


The first days of summer: the perfect time to either get air conditioning or do some maintenance. If you hadn’t already felt it, summer is officially here.

Although with it being the hottest November on record in many parts of the South East according to the Bureau of Meteorology , you’d be forgiven for thinking it started a month ago!

So, now that summer is here, there are two things to do.

If you haven’t got airconditioning, think seriously about getting it. (See our free, downloadable Buyer’s Guide for guidance!)

If you have, make sure it’s working to the best of its ability.

Those who want their new airconditioning up and running before Christmas 2014 will probably be disappointed.

With the weather being so hot for so long, even those who’ve resisted installing it in the past have relented, and most reputable airconditioning companies like Acer Services are fully booked out till the new year.

The good news is we are now working on Saturdays, so give us a call and you could find you’re not waiting quite as long as you thought.

No time like the present for airconditioning maintenance.

The first days of summer are the perfect time to consider how well your system is running and what you can do to keep it in good working order.

The most important thing you can do is regularly check, clean and replace your filters.

This is vital as a dirty, clogged filter can increase your airconditioner’s energy consumption by between 5 and 15%…and shorten your system’s lifespan.

Other things to check and/or clean are the coils, seals and condensation drains (passing a stiff wire through the drain channels once a year should do the trick).

Of course the best thing to do is arrange for Acer Services to perform an annual inspection but the more you can do, the better your airconditioning will perform.

Other ways to keep your cool this summer.

  • Keep all windows and doors closed when the air con is on
  • Use heavy curtains and blinds on windows facing the afternoon sun
  • Set your airconditioning on 24 degrees, rather an icy 18 degrees.
  • Remember that each degree lower you set your thermostat can add 10% more onto your air con power bill
  • Use floor lamps with a compact fluoro bulb rather than hot halogen downlights
  • Reduce hot water costs AND your core body temperature by talking shorter, cooler showers.
  • Use your outside BBQ more – ovens only add heat to your home.

On behalf of everyone at Acer Services, have a long, happy and safe summer. If you need advice on anything to do with airconditioning, click here to contact us.