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How much can your switchboard handle? Being prepared for your air-conditioning installation

How much can your switchboard handle? Being prepared for your air-conditioning installation

An air conditioning system can make all the difference to your comfort, productivity and overall wellbeing. When the installation is complete, those uncomfortable, sweltering days and stuffy nights will be a thing of the past — and you’ll to be able to get much more done, when you don’t have the energy sapped out of you! Download our free Buyer’s Guide to get started!

You have many considerations about your air conditioning installation– do you get a split system or ducted air con? Do you install it in the bedroom? The lounge? Or the entire house? Will it be a Mitsubishi or Fujitsu air-conditioner? And so on.

As well as advising you about the best type and brand of air conditioner for your home, our electricians will also advise you about the switchboard’s capacity to handle the new air conditioning system’s load. To make sure everything’s in order, it’s important we check your switchboard before we come over with your air-conditioning unit!


Prepare the switchboard for your air-conditioning installation

The switchboards in some houses, particularly those over 15 years old, don’t have the capacity to handle the load of a large air conditioning system. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when houses were wired to handle just the basics: a lighting circuit, the stove, and a few appliances.

Now we have more and more equipment for our enhanced lifestyles, we have to ensure the switchboards keep up as well.

It may be that the switchboard can handle one or two smaller air-conditioners, however a large number of split systems or a large ducted air-conditioning system can cause a significant power drain.

Let your local electrician and air con specialist take care of it!

At Acer Services, we proudly provide top quality air conditioning installation and electrical works. We can check your switchboard and if it won’t handle the extra load, we can upgrade it so you are 100% prepared for your air conditioning installation and your comfortable new lifestyle.

Brisbane electrical and air-conditioning services to cover all the bases

With our technical expertise and attention to detail, Acer Services gives you the best in electrical repairs and air conditioning servicing and installation. Acer Services provides prompt, professional service for all your air con and electrical requirements. Contact us now to speak to our friendly team and get the help you need.