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Winter Air Conditioning Maintenance

Winter Air Conditioning Maintenance


Clean filters are the key to air conditioning maintenance

Not many people in Brisbane are concerned about air conditioning maintenance in winter.

That’s because apart from a few bitterly cold days, usually around Ekka time when the wicked westerlies are howling, we don’t get much of a winter.

They don’t call us the Sunshine State for nothing!

In fact according to climate statistics supplied by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, even in the middle of winter (July), Brisbane’s mean minimum temperature is 9.5°.

And that’s the only month in which the average minimum falls to single digits.

With so many ‘neutral’ days in the middle of the year, when it is neither too hot nor too cold, you could be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need to do anything with your air-conditioning unit.

Be it cooling or heating, if your unit is poorly maintained it will cost you more to operate because it will have to work harder.

For optimum performance we suggest getting the experts at Acer Services to give your air-conditioner ‘the once over’ at least once a year.

If you run your air-conditioner a lot, say eight hours a day or more, it would be wise to get us in twice a year…at the start of summer and at the start of winter.

The older your unit is the more important this becomes, particularly if it has been hot or cold for long periods and your unit has been working overtime.

Of course, there are some things you can do yourself to ensure your AC is A-OK, most notably to keep it clean.

Rule # 1 of Air Conditioning Maintenance:  Clean Your Filter

Your filtration system is at the heart of your air-conditioning, or perhaps lungs would be more apt.

Ideally it should be washed at least after every 200 hours of use, however if you’re not the type of person to keep a log, once every three months should suffice.

When you remove the filter, check to see if it is looking worn, or if it has become thin or torn.

If it has, contact Acer Services and order a replacement.

As for the actual washing, here are some tips you may find extremely helpful.

  1. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean your filter as it may do irreparable damage.
  2. Similarly, if you use a hose or tap, keep the water pressure right down. Air conditioning filters damage easily.
  3. For best results make sure the water flows in the OPPOSITE direction to the airflow.
  4. Leave to dry for at least 5 minutes before replacing.

For more details about air-conditioning servicing or maintenance, simply contact the friendly, helpful team at Acer Services…

…where even in the depths of winter, you’ll always get a warm welcome.